5 must-try items at Haus Sausage Co

5 must-try items at Haus Sausage Co

When hearing or reading the name “Haus Sausage Co” it’s fairly easy to discern what they are predominantly known for sausage, of course! However, with well over 30 different retail products available, here are 5 must-try items that aren’t sausage!

1. Pâté and parfait

One of the absolute best-selling products at Haus Sausage Co is the Foie Gras Parfait. This 100% duck pâte is seasoned with herbs and garlic, has a velvety smooth texture, and is topped off with a nice layer of sweet vermouth. If a spreadable pâté isn’t your desired texture, they also have a more rustic-style terrine called Pâté en Croute. Made weekly, the Pâté en Croute will often change profiles based on the season or what was in abundance at the time. The terrine mixture is encased in pastry, baked as a loaf, and sold in slices for your delight.

2. Smoked bacon

Who doesn’t like bacon? Haus Sausage Co’s bacon should easily satisfy any bacon lovers’ cravings. The pork belly is dry brined in some light seasoning of salt and brown sugar and then double smoked on hickory. With this, “no water added” style of curing (which tends to be rare these days) you shouldn’t find much shrinkage while cooking your bacon at home. Not only is it delicious, but Haus Sausage Co is one of the few places where you’ll find bacon produced solely from Vancouver Island-raised pork. 

3. Meatballs

Looking for an easy dinner solution? Look no further than the Haus Sausage meatball, a staple in their lineup from the start. Seasoned with fennel, chilies, wine, garlic, and parsley, these meatballs pack a punch of flavour. They are made using gluten-free certified oats, rather than breadcrumbs, and are fully cooked before being packaged. Simply thaw and quickly reheat in the oven or by adding them into a simmering sauce, and give your taste buds a treat!

4. Pickles and hot sauces

Upon entering the retail store, you will be greeted by a shelf full of canned goods and sauces. These are all made on-site and most items will change throughout the year depending on what is available. Some of the most notable selections you should try out are the Sweet Pickled Jalapeños, Beet Relish, and their mustard which is simply known and labelled as “Great Mustard.” Need we say more about the mustard?!  With peach season practically upon us, expect to see their Vanilla Peaches return to the shelf soon, a fan favourite you should check out! 

5. Grand Marnier coppa

Everyone knows prosciutto. But did you know you can achieve the same style of cured meat from many different cuts of meat? Coppa, translating to “collar”, is a specialty cut from the pork shoulder. After this piece is separated it’s soaked for two weeks in Grand Marnier liqueur, toasted fennel, and fresh rosemary. It is then aged in a humidity- and temperature-controlled room for the next 2-3 months. Sliced thinly and sheeted, this is a Haus Sausage Co product definitely worth seeking out.

Visit Haus Sausage at #4 – 515 Dupplin Road or HausSausageCo.com.
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