Pagliacci’s shines with stellar customer service

Pagliacci’s shines with stellar customer service

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Customer service is a term that can’t be ignored in the restaurant industry. Superior customer service, along with amazing food and ambiance, ensures that guests will want to return time and time again.

Whether visiting a restaurant in person to enjoy a meal, or using the takeout option, the experience can be elevated from good to great with these six steps to spectacular service: eye contact, smiling, pleasant conversation, listening, thanking the guest, and inviting them back.

Pagliacci’s staff impressed on a recent trip to the restaurant to pick up a takeout order of their signature salad and famous focaccia bread.

The illustrious focaccia bread is light, fluffy, chewy, flavourful, and baked in olive oil so that the crust is both crunchy and buttery at the same time. Pagliacci’s signature salad features seasonal greens, carrots, garbanzos, green onion, egg, feta cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, and beets with a choice of dressing—fresh, healthy, crisp, and simply delicious.

Pagliacci’s was opened in 1979 by the Siegel brothers. It is one of those iconic Victoria timeless places that is bathed in history, life, and laughter. Every item on the menu is made on the spot, and the extensive choices and variety are sure to please everyone’s unique palate.

Pagliacci’s has done an outstanding job of following COVID-19 guidelines. They have taken over space next door to provide more tables for patrons, and there is now an outdoor area on Broad Street to enjoy your meal when Victoria’s weather permits.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly and helpful masked member of staff, who guided me to a table that was filled with takeout orders complete with names on each of the bags. She let me personally lift the bag that had my name. We exchanged pleasantries and I confirmed the order with her. She thanked me, wished me a wonderful evening and that she hoped to see me again soon!

My daughter and I raced back home to savour our culinary feast. The salad looked so tasty, and our eyes searched for the bread. But Pagliacci’s famous focaccia bread was nowhere to be found.

We made a call to the restaurant, and this is where true customer service came into play. The staff were totally understanding, apologetic, and showed true empathy. They offered to have warm bread ready for us immediately. The drive back downtown would take too long for us, however, and all we required on our end was a refund for the bread we ordered that had not been included. Staff said they were more than happy to do this and would attend to it immediately. They asked for our number for a member of staff to reach out to us.

We did receive a call later that evening to apologize for the mix up. We thanked them for the follow up and explained how we have visited Pagliacci’s for years and have never been disappointed. We were advised that there was a gift card under our name at the restaurant for us when we next came downtown. It would ensure we could enjoy the focaccia bread with another meal. The customer service shown was impressive, and this month’s Superior Customer Service Shout Out goes to Pagliacci’s Restaurant.


Address: 1011 Broad Street, Victoria
Instagram: @pagliaccisvic

Written by

June Dagnall

Guest Writer