Sherwood is the place to be

Sherwood is the place to be

Sherwood is here for you. Whether you’re hungry or thirsty or just need a friend, Sherwood delivers on the promise of comfort, inclusivity and European café-culture pedigree. Their ambiance is great any time of the day, and the food is amazing. Breakfast, lunch, happy hour, evening share plates, cocktails, wine and more!

When you arrive, the attentive staff welcome you like a friend. The atmosphere is relaxed, where people are smiling and laughing, drinking and sharing food; they seem to be in harmony with the surroundings. The music is right, the lighting fits the time of day, and the menu is simple, fresh and familiar. There are no distractions, it’s easy there.

Their menu uses fresh and local ingredients. At night, on their share plate menu, you will find their amazing Aunt May’s Drunken Ribs, delicious Moules Frites, the infamous Oyster Mushroom Calamari, a decadent plate of Prosciutto & Manchego, a house-made Fettuccini, seasonal vegetables like Fried Brussels in tamarind and much much more!


Address: 710 Pandora Ave, Victoria
Instagram: @sherwood.victoria

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