Summer’s Calling! Burgers, Wraps, Treats and More! 5 Tasty Restaurants to Try this Summer

Summer’s Calling! Burgers, Wraps, Treats and More! 5 Tasty Restaurants to Try this Summer

Have you been in search of some delicious casual restaurants and eateries to try? Well, look no further then these hot spots in Victoria. These popular restaurants are a ‘must try’ for any foodie or newbie to Victoria.
Check out these restaurants, and you’ll be dying to go back again!

Red Fish Blue Fish

Ever wanted to enjoy some beautiful outdoor ocean views, whilst basking in the sun with some friends? Then look no further than the quaint and popular restaurant spot, Red Fish Blue Fish. This little joint features a selection of delicious seafood options, from Seared Tuna Tacones to Cod Dogs, fish and chips, fried pickles and more! The fish is not only cooked to perfection, but is fresh and bursting with flavour. This eatery by the seaside is peaceful and serves some of the best seafood in the city!

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Not only is this little eatery packed with amazing food brimming with savoury flavours, but it is also sustainable conscious. Red Fish Blue Fish uses and serves only Ocean Wise seafood. Ocean Wise is a conservation program from the Vancouver Aquarium, which assists and aids restaurants and their customers in making sustainable seafood choices and options. Come check out Red Fish Blue Fish for a food experience that’s as good as the ocean views!
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The Hive Eatery

This small and quaint little nook in Fairfield is not hard to miss with its bright blue building. Something of a hidden gem in Victoria; this burger joint creates a wide variety of burgers, with both vegan and fish options. The Hive Eatery also keeps things interesting with new speciality burgers coming out from time to time, such as the halibut burgers and the Christmas turkey burgers! Without a doubt, these burgers are some of the best on the island, and also feature a selection of drinks and sides, ranging from thin, crisp and perfectly salty fries to poutine or a fresh salad.

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This delicious eatery also has some options for children with an accompanying kid’s menu. These burgers are creative, extremely satisfying and always served on a freshly baked toasted challah bun from The Cottage Bakery. Whenever possible, this restaurant sources their ingredients from local farmers such as Sun Wing Farms, Dan’s Farms and Berryman Brothers. At The Hive Eatery, their motto is “Eat Good Food!” and as a repeating customer myself, I can easily say that this motto runs true. Take yourself on a tantalizing and purely flavour filled adventure to The Hive Eatery!
Instagram: @thehive.eatery

Oak Bay Seafood

Looking for some quick, fresh and tasty take-away foods, or perhaps you’re looking to cook up a seafood dish to remember. Then look no further than Oak Bay SeafoodVictoria’s premium seafood market and take-away. This small and easily accessible market serves fresh and tasty meals to satisfy those summer seafood cravings. This market serves a variety of scrumptious take-away dishes, including crispy fish and chips, salty and savoury popcorn shrimp and salmon burgers! With a wide selection of local fish for purchasing, you can cook at home and create your own seafood dish creations. Try some fresh prawns to add to a cheesy avocado quesadilla dish.

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Oak Bay Seafood is committed to providing its customers with sustainable seafood; so you can enjoy your purchase knowing its local and sourced with the best of intentions! Come to Oak Bay Seafood for catches that will brighten your day and envelop your tastebuds!
Instagram: @oakbayseafood

Willows’s Galley Fish & Chips

This small and unique fish and chips restaurant has been around in Estevan Village since 1980. Willows’s Galley is the perfect spot for a bite to eat on a sunny afternoon. With a close and convenient location near Willows beach, one can take food to go for a picnic at the beach, or for a last minute meal after a bike ride with friends. Try Willows’s Galley famous ice cream cone, a personal favourite of mine for a frozen treat to remember.

If you’re feeling like having a taste of the sea, try the Galley’s most popular burger, the Neptune. This divinely delicious burger features a choice of either grilled or deep fried cod or halibut. I can, without a doubt, say that the Galley features a selection of foods that will satisfy all those summer cravings! Willows’s Galley is a splendid place to bring family with a menu featuring options for kids. Whether you’re a fish lover, a meat eater, a vegetarian or someone just craving a cold treat, the Galley has something for you!
Instagram: @willowsgalley1980

Fern Cafe and Bakery

Nestled in the charming area of Fernwood is the Fern Cafe and Bakery. This small and inviting cafe is a perfect spot for a bite with friends, a coffee, donut date or a casual afternoon tea. This cafe and bakery offers a wide array of dietary options from vegan, gluten free, soy free and nut free. This eatery prides itself on being 100% vegan. Whether you’re a meat eater or not, this trendy spot in Fernwood is sure to offer something to satisfy your appetite. With some crazy delicious options on their menu from daily donuts, scones, burgers and salads, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy and remember.

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This cafe also features a diverse array of drinks from hot coffees and matcha, to sweet and cold lemonades to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Fern Cafe and Bakery and Bakery is a vegan’s comfort food oasis and a sure-fire place to liven up any summer day!
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