Superflux {Cabana}, a retro and futuristic style restaurant serving all the right vibes (and beer)

Superflux {Cabana}, a retro and futuristic style restaurant serving all the right vibes (and beer)

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The newest hot spot to hit Victoria is Superflux {Cabana}, a restaurant with a fun, playful atmosphere and a futuristic/retro mixed design aesthetic. Enjoy simple yet elevated dishes that bring both flavour and comfort with every bite. Superflux also serves an array of drinks, and their very own brand of beers, available for purchase in bulk and single servings. Read below to see what all the hype is about at Superflux {Cabana}!

What’s on the menu?

Superflux {Cabana} is a late-night restaurant that strives to craft simple, yet creative dishes that will satisfy any appetite. Enjoy dishes such as Superflux’s Cabana burger with Farm & Field ground 6oz patty, fried onion, American Cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, served on a savoury potato bun. For something a little more buttery try ‘The Crab Roll’, served on two potato bao buns with jalapeño, green onions, and hot melted butter on the side. Looking for a familiar dish with a twist? Try the Griddle Pies! These cheesy delights are Cabana style pizza made with rotating meat & cheese and served with dipping sauce. Along with {Cabana}’s wide variety of mouth-watering dishes, they also serve an array of cocktails, wine, ciders, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

Superflux Beer Company

Superflux’s motto is “Do Cool Shit and Bring Happyness”, and they are doing just that with their beer. Superflux specializes in IPAs and creative, out of the box, experimental brews; crafting beers to make a beer lover out of anyone who tries their beer creations. Avid beer lovers and non-beer lovers alike will be most definitely intrigued by Superflux’s colourful and innovative design on their beers as well as their unique beer flavours such as their ‘The Creamery – Strawberry Cheesecake’, made with Fruit Beer, Strawberry & Cheesecake Purée, Graham Crackers & Milk Sugar. Other flavours from Superflux include ‘Pretty Much Yeah’: Hazy IPA w/ Oats, Milk Sugar & Galaxy Hops, ‘Nova’: Dry-Hopped Sour w/ Citra & Galaxy Hops and ‘Double Infinity (Galaxy)’: Hazy Double IPA w/ Galaxy Hops. 

See the Superflux Beer Company website below for the exclusive purchase of their beers!

New Expanded Hours

Get excited because as of February 2022, Superflux {Cabana} has updated and extended their hours! So you and your friends have that much more time to share and enjoy all the tasty dishes, good vibes and delicious beer Superflux {Cabana} has to offer! See below for updated hours.

Monday| 4-10pm
Tuesday | Closed
Wednesday | 4-10pm
Thursday | Noon-Midnight
Friday | Noon-Midnight
Saturday | Noon-Midnight
Sunday | Noon-10pm

804 Broughton St, Victoria

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria