Taste of Japan in a Cup!

Taste of Japan in a Cup!

I recently tried Paradise Parfait’s Creme Caramel Parfait for an October special and it did not disappoint. The ingredients are perfectly incorporated, the custard pudding melts in your mouth, the fresh fruits balance the flavor and I prefer that it’s not too sweet. I just can’t wait for their next launch in November.

If you may ask, Paradise Parfait does pop-up each month with their one signature parfait and uses local and organic ingredients whenever it is available and possible. Parfait is simply described as an alternating layer of several ingredients such as chocolates, ice cream, fruits, granola, whipped cream, the possibilities are just endless and paved in a tall cup or glass. Their parfaits are well-packaged on compostable cups and each set is sold by 2, 4, 6 or 8 cups. Pre-order is required and you can easily do it online.

IMG 1480October Special: Creme Caramel Parfait

The Creme Caramel Parfait consists of vanilla sponge cake, strawberry compote, Avilon whipped cream, pastry cream, créme caramel, seasonal fruits and Japanese caramel custard pudding.

Paradise Parfait’s owner Mina developed this idea out of her personal cravings and experience. Whenever she makes a type of dessert that can be time consuming and quite complicated to do, she assures to share it with someone who has never tried it.
Coming from Japan, Mina finds a lot of Japanese people here miss home, and as her way to ease and provide them comfort, she created Paradise Parfait. She is not only showcasing her talent, but she also does give a piece of her heritage to us. Each cup she makes and is about to make entails many elements and ingredients that are well-picked by her alone.

I find it very special when a person exerts effort and time with their masterpiece and the end result will always be great. Besides the amazing flavor of her parfaits, it is fun to see the colors she chooses to integrate on each cup. So if you want to check out their pop-up next month, follow @paradiseparfait on Instagram. Watch out for next month’s flavour and it may become your favorite dessert too!


Paradise Parfait’s Pop-Up
Pick-up Location: 1709 Blanshard Street (Philippine Bayanihan Community Centre
Pick-up Date and Time: November 8 (1:30 pm to 3:00 pm)

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Francine, @dinewithfrancine

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Francine Baldazo

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