Tasting Victoria’s top-5 rated food trucks

Tasting Victoria’s top-5 rated food trucks

Photo: Taco Justice

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When you’re out and about on a hot summer day in Victoria and need a quick bite to eat, is there anything more convenient than a food truck? Parked in prime locations, with the smells of tasty eats wafting down the street, they’re an easy and inviting way to satisfy your cravings. We are here to give you the inside scoop on the most popular food trucks in Victoria that each have rave reviews online and five-star ratings—and for a good reason! Let’s get rolling and give you the information that you need to decide where you should stop next time you feel your stomach rumble after a hot afternoon at the beach.

Taco Justice

Taco Justice provides all the justice you will ever need to experience in your life. Coming in first on our top-five food trucks list, this Mexican food truck gives other Mexican places a run for their money. Their dishes are affordable and convenient. The atmosphere at the food truck is easygoing, and there are many meat and veggie-based options to choose from.

Some of our recommendations from Taco Justice are:

  • Belly 2 Belly Burrito: Slow cooked pork belly and shoulder, pickled Thai chillies, oh-snap sauce, sweet soy, Thai basil, cilantro, Asian slaw. Yes, we said pork belly…
  • The Green Bastard Tacos: Deep fried avocado wedges, crispy cheddar, oh-snap and chipotle sauce, charred tomato salsa, pineapple, cilantro, snappy watercress slaw. Oh, so rich and delicious!

Truck located on 1580 Cook St., Victoria.

Deadbeetz Burgers

Deadbeetz Burgers really serve up a knock-out experience. Their food truck serves delicious meat, vegetarian, and vegan options that satisfy a variety of different customers. Many customers, us included, claim that this is one of the best local burger spots in Victoria!

Our favourite dishes from Deadbeetz Burgers are:

  • Deluxe Chicken Burger: Breaded chicken breast with house-made dill pickles, lettuce, and chipotle mayo. Spice it up with Nashville Hot!
  • Beetrice Burger: Beef patty with Vancouver Island sauce, lettuce, cheddar, and house-made pickled beets. Crunchy and creative.

Truck located on 675 Belleville St., Victoria.

Burger Crush

Burger Crush is the perfect place to crush all the best snacks. Having more than 170 positive reviews, this food truck has a strong reputation attributed to its classically styled delicious burgers. Their menu includes both conventional and vegan versions of the classic cheeseburger and shake.

  • Cheese Burger: Classic cheese burger with a hand-pressed beef patty. Who doesn’t love the classics?
  • Vegan Cheeseburger: Vegan burger with a handmade vegan patty, served with vegan cheese on a vegan bun. Ahem! The only thing better than traditional cheese is vegan cheese…

Truck located on 1580 Cook St., Victoria.

Melt Truck

Melt Truck promises delicious dishes at an affordable price tag. Serving up fresh, gourmet breakfast sandwiches using the best local ingredients, this is the truck to stop at to enjoy some fresh and oh-so-cheesy treats. Melt Truck’s dishes are as melty as can be, with lots of options to accommodate differing dietary preferences.

Our favourite dishes from Melt Truck include:

  • The Boss Hog: One fried egg, cheddar cheese, Red Barn bacon and ham, bacon jam and banana peppers topped with sriracha mayo.
  • The Veg: One local egg, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions topped with sriracha mayo.

Truck located on 2519 Rock Bay Ave., Victoria.

Morning People Food Truck

The Morning People Food Truck isn’t only for morning people! If you’re in the mood for something fresh and light, like an acai smoothie or granola bowl, this is the food truck for you. We love the variety of flavours that this truck provides, and we can’t imagine a better way to start your morning.

  • The Best Dream: A farm fresh egg, aged cheddar, local greens, tomato, house made ketchup & garlic aioli in a toasted ciabatta. We like our eggs done Morning People style, please.
  • Rise & Shine Bowl: House made granola with fresh fruit and your choice of milk or oat milk. Keep it simple!

Truck located on 325 Cook St., Victoria.

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