The Daily Roast with 2% Jazz Coffee

The Daily Roast with 2% Jazz Coffee

At the ever-popular coffee shop 2% Jazz Coffee you will find the Daily Roast, the latest collaboration with Capital Daily and 2% Jazz coffee. The Daily Roast is a delicious three-bean blended coffee that is not only unique in flavour but is roasted with skill and ethically sourced.

What is the Daily Roast

The Daily Roast is a coffee collaboration between 2% Jazz Coffee and Capital Daily. This coffee blend offers a rich combination of flavours sourced from three different kinds of beans, from Columbia, Brazil and Nicaragua. At 2% Jazz Coffee they strive to collaborate with farms across the globe ensuring quality products for the consumer. With the Daily Roast, you can be assured that with every brew you are supporting not only 2% Jazz Coffee but also independent journalism. With every bag of The Daily Roast purchased a partial percentage of the profits will be donated to support freedom of press initiatives in the countries where the coffee originates!

2%Jazz coffee bean sources

The flavour of a bean is everything, and at 2% Jazz Coffee they pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality of coffee beans; all whilst making sure their partnerships with any bean farmers and growers be not only fair but collaborative. This ensures that a fair price and payment is given to 2% Jazz Coffee growers, and in turn you the customer receive a great cup of coffee. The majority of the beans from 2% Jazz Coffee come from Nicaragua and Guatemala. The reason behind sourcing from Nicaraguan and Guatemala, (which is part of the coffee belt of Central America), is because both these countries are at a higher elevation, which in turn helps to produce a type of balanced flavour in coffee beans. At 2% Jazz Coffee their goal is to have their beans tasting not only full-bodied and sweet but also with a balanced acidic flavouring.

Support your local business and visit 2% Jazz Coffee for delicious brews to savour and enjoy! Enjoy your latte, cappuccino, drip coffee knowing you’re supporting a worthy coffee business.

1701 Douglas St #1, Victoria, BC 
740 Hillside Ave, Victoria, BC
Instagram: @2percentjazz

See our video with Tristan from 2% Jazz Coffee for his take on The Daily Roast! Link here!

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Writer at Tasting Victoria