The most “LOCAL” spirit made on Vancouver Island!  

The most “LOCAL” spirit made on Vancouver Island!  

Stillhead Distillery of the Cowichan Valley has just released their new flagship Van-Isle Rye Vodka. What makes it so dramatically different? Craft distilleries only use grains from within the province of BC. Stillhead takes it one step further as they are the only distillery using 100% rye grain grown and harvested in the Alberni Valley, near Port Alberni.

Think about that for a moment. Stillhead wants to keep Vancouver Island farmers busy and rewarded for growing amazing products, while also dramatically lowering their carbon footprint by reducing transportation distances by over 1,000 km, and a ferry ride. While most companies look further and further away to reduce their manufacturing costs, Stillhead looks for local solutions whenever possible.

Best of all, this stunning local rye grain imparts a big and bold burst of flavour to their new Van-Isle Rye Vodka. Imagine a hint of sweetness on your palate at first, followed by a slight hint of rye spice, before the dramatically long and velvety smooth finish takes over. It’s the perfect vodka over ice as a sipper, or in any vodka cocktail like a caesar, moscow mule, cosmo, screwdriver, martini, white russian, or any of the other thousands of recipes available online.

Pictured front and center in the feature photo, a premium spirit so unique and special it necessitated its own exceptional label, turning from usual black to white. Look for Van-Isle Rye Vodka at private liquor stores throughout BC, as well as online at

You can find Stillhead Distillery at and in the Cowichan Valley at 5301 Chaster Rd #105, Duncan. 

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