Top 5 Bakeries/Cafes in Victoria to Combat Your Sweet Tooth

Top 5 Bakeries/Cafes in Victoria to Combat Your Sweet Tooth

Are you looking for new cafes and lunch spots around Victoria to try, whilst indulging in your sweet tooth? Well we have some of the top spots here in Victoria to satisfy all those cravings and awaken your inner foodie!

Crust Bakery

Small and bright, this little hidden gem in Victoria’s central downtown does not disappoint. This bakery offers fresh artisan breads, cookies, tarts and danishes galore. This pastry bursting hub is perfect for any baked good lover. I highly recommend a visit to Crust Bakery as it has been voted Victoria’s best bakery in 2018, and continues to live up to this award. Daily soups, sandwiches, quiches and more are prepared fresh daily.

730 Fort St.

Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop

Looking for a family friendly breakfast or lunch spot? This renowned cafe and bakery has been around since 1956 and features just about everything and more you could want in a bakery. The Dutch Bakery offers a cosy atmosphere perfect for a lunch break or for some sweet snacking. The Dutch Bakery has a rich history, having first been established by Kees Schaddelee Sr. and his wife Mable, who immigrated from the Netherlands in 1955. Be sure to check out their unique fruit shaped marzipan treats!

718 Fort St.

Whole Foods

Bold and inviting, Whole Foods grocery store first originated in Austin, Texas and has now found its way to Victoria! Whole Foods can be found on the upper levels of Uptown and not only has some of the freshest produce, but also features a wonderfully diverse and inviting bakery section.

Beside the bakery section is Discovery Coffee which features Yonni’s donuts, which I can honestly say are some of the most delicious donuts in Victoria!

In their bakery section just about anything can be found; from cakes, scones, muffins, cupcakes, macaroons and a wide array of speciality cookies; such as Russian tea cakes or jam thumb print cookies. Their products even include mini sweets, from little tartlets to tiny eclairs.

Do yourself a favour and take a trip to Whole Foods and have a feast for your eyes and stomach!

Location: Uptown Shopping Centre

Fol Epi

This artisanal bakeshop is conveniently located in downtown Victoria, and features plenty of outdoor space. This bakery and lunch spot offers a unique Italian ambience, as if one were sitting outside a cafe in Florence, Italy. Perfect for a coffee break with a flaky cheese pastry or for brunch with friends, Fol Epi features freshly made sandwiches daily all served on rustic breads or crispy baguettes. The bakery’s tuna melt and egg salad sandwiches are absolutely scrumptious – highly recommended!

Fol Epi prides themselves on the production of ‘Slow Food,’ a practice of celebrating foods from local, sustainable and traditional practices. Come to this fresh and vibrant spot for a taste of Italy!

732 Yates St.

Patisserie Daniel

Do you love eye catching food that not only looks like a piece of art but tastes out of this world? Well, look no further! Patisserie Daniel is a long standing bakery establishment, located on Cook Street and surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafes.

This little hub of Victoria is a hipster’s dream; you might never want to leave! Come into this lovely little bakery to get your hands on anything from fresh breads, tarts, muffins, croissants, fresh sweet and savoury pies, and decorative cakes for any occasion. If you want a flaky chocolate explosion in your mouth, try Patisserie Daniel’s chocolate almond croissant!

1729 Cook St.

BONUS – Natural Sugar – Baking Alternative

If you are looking to incorporate more healthy sweet alternatives in your diet, then dates are for you. This dried fruit is one of the best naturally sweet baking alternatives out there. Not only is this fruit tasty and delicious on its own, but it adds that sweet and satisfying punch to any baked brownie, cake or cookie recipe.

A tasty date incorporated recipe is from one of my favourite food blogs, ‘Pick up Limes’. This salted caramel brownie recipe with dates is to die for, and uses no processed sugars except for some dark chocolate. I can say, without a doubt, that this recipe is dangerously good!

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 5.08.48 PM



Thank you for reading and have a sweet-tastic day!

Written by

Tessa Cowan

Tasting Victoria