Upgrade Cafe promotes reconnection to food in a sustainable way

Upgrade Cafe promotes reconnection to food in a sustainable way

Upgrade Cafe promotes reconnection to food in a sustainable way

Upgrade Cafe aims to repair the connection between their guests and the food they use to fuel their bodies. The carefully curated menu offers nutritious, well-balanced dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Many of the herbs, vegetables, and meat are harvested from Asprey Farms – located in Cobble Hill, just outside of Victoria. Asprey Farms is owned and operated by Upgrade Labs CEO Dave Asprey, the Father of Biohacking.


Asprey Farms offers an accessible farm-to-table, sustainable alternative to traditional breakfast and lunch options, while adhering to a keto-friendly framework. From the farm fresh eggs in the Breakfast Burrito to the grass-fed bacon in the Open-face Bacon Burgers, each dish features delicious, quality ingredients to ensure an upgraded dining experience. The menu also offers a variety of gluten-free and sugar-free options, making it accessible to individuals observing a keto lifestyle or have any dietary restrictions.

Upgrade Steak Bowl
Upgrade Sliders

With an abundance of beverage options, there’s something for everyone. A favourite is Dave’s Upgraded Coffee, also known as keto coffee, which is a great way to fuel your morning. The signature rich, flavorful coffee is blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil to not only give you that caffeine boost but also provides a generous serving of healthy fats, proven to aid brain function. Not interested in a hot drink? Try the Coffee Shake! A delicious blend of espresso, coconut milk, avocado, vanilla, cinnamon, and MCT oil.


Located in Historic Chinatown, Upgrade Cafe is committed to connecting with the community, supporting local, and creating a welcoming space to reconnect with whole, healthy foods. Stop by 516 Fisgard Street to experience the Upgrade Cafe difference.

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