Victoria’s first 100% sugar-free bakery

Victoria’s first 100% sugar-free bakery

Paid partnership with Euphoria Bakery

Introducing Euphoria Bakery, Victoria’s first sugar- and grain-free bakery. Euphoria is dedicated to bringing you and your family delicious treats that satisfy your sweet tooths, without using any sugar, grains, or gluten.

The bakery’s products can be ordered online for delivery anywhere in Greater Victoria on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They are currently offering chocolate chip cookies, coconut blueberry muffins, protein power balls, and a blueberry breakfast cookie.

Best of all: the ingredients are all things you’d recognize—no fillers, preservatives, or other funky stuff—and Euphoria uses natural non-sugar sweeteners, like monk fruit and stevia, that are 100% diabetic friendly.

It’s great to have more options in Victoria that are adapted for different dietary preferences or restrictions.

We at Tasting Victoria had the opportunity to try out Euphoria’s baked goods and loved them! The treats are super moist, the flavours are really good, and you can’t even tell they are sugar free.

About Euphoria Bakery

The bakery was started by a Victoria Dad who wanted to treat his kids with nourishing food. He asked a baker friend if he’d be down to help, and they started experimenting—with a few rules:

  1. No traditional sweeteners. The cookies couldn’t spike blood sugar levels.
  2. They had to avoid weird fillers or preservatives. All natural organic ingredients.

After a few disastrous experiments they were shocked: the cookies they made tasted… good.
After months of testing with friends and family, they decided to turn it into a business. Introducing Euphoria, Victoria’s first sugar- and grain-free bakery: on a mission to satisfy your sweet tooth… without the sweet.

Paid partnership with Euphoria Bakery

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