Who we are – Tasting Victoria

Who we are – Tasting Victoria

Welcome to Tasting Victoria, a food blog and an online destination for anyone living in, visiting, or soon to move to Victoria!

A collaborative blog and social media channel where our team of locals, foodies and tourists share their food photos, recommendations and food related news in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Who is behind Tasting Victoria

My name is Amelia Acedo, and I created Tasting Victoria in 2015. I’ve been a foodie since I can remember. My family’s business is in the food industry and I love it! Ever since I was a kid, I fell in love with the way food is made and how different and beautifully every ingredient can be transformed. Desserts are my passion, so I became a pastry chef. I’m sure you can tell by the way I run the account. I can’t resist to share beautiful and delicious desserts!

It would be selfish if I said that I’m the only person behind Tasting Victoria. First off, Victoria’s food scene is too good, which makes my job a little bit easier. So, I want to say thank you to everyone who is involved in one way or another in the food industry.

Also, this blog wouldn’t have been possible without the people that have helped along the way. There were too many people around me that were involved in this project since the beginning. The work that you’ve seen flourish on Instagram is the work of food passionate people that spend time on this outside their daily jobs, families, and friends.

How it got started

Tasting Victoria started as a hobby. I started sharing food photos from our local favourite restaurants as a food diary – our way of seeing things through food experiences.

I encouraged people to use the hashtag #tastingvictoria on their posts, and we got a great response. I was amazed by how many people started sharing their food, and every day, I would carefully pick what was most interesting to me and re-post it on @tastingvictoria.

This is why @tastingvictoria became a community – a collaborative Instagram page.

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It has become the most successful online food source in Vancouver Island. It is more than just food – this community loves to share favourite dishes, new places, experiences and favourite restaurants.

Our goal is to inspire you to try new and different places, dishes, experiences, and give you an idea of what our city has to offer!

We are staring this blog to be able to share with you articles with more detail of our favourite food, restaurants, news, openings and events. We hope you enjoy!

You won’t find any negative reviews here – this isn’t Yelp. You’ll find recommendations to great places and experiences we love and enjoy. Real stories, real people.

Thank you for reading along, following our food adventures and giving the best recommendations!

Written by

Amelia Acedo

Editor at Tasting Victoria