Winner Spotlight: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Winner Spotlight: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Go from classic to crazy burger creations with the best burgers in Victoria, according to you in the 2022 Best Restaurants Awards, presented by Portofino Bakery. Bin 4 Burger Lounge is ranked  #1 in the best burger category, sponsored by Category 12 Brewing

You may have heard of their handcrafted cocktail creations or the countless gourmet burger variations. It first opened in 2011 on Yates street by Sarah and Dan Blackmore and Micheal, and Bin 4 burgers don’t stop at the classic beef with lettuce and ketchup. Their list of 17+ burgers incorporates international flavours like wagyu beef, bison, chicken, lamb, and ahi tuna. There are also plant-based options, including chickpea, lentil, and tufu burgers. Dietary restrictions are easy. Toppings can be removed or substituted and a vegetarian or vegan patty easily can replace the beef. If you have an allergy to gluten, you can ask for a gluten-free bun.

The gourmet burgers share the spotlight with custom-made cocktails that may tempt your  tastebuds and quench your summertime thirst. The cocktail menu features adventurous flavour combinations from lavender or cucumber, lemon gin fizz to blackberry vanilla lemonade and the strawberry basil daiquiri. Past the fruity favourites, the menu offers sugar free vodka and gin sodas, draught beer, ciders, wine, sangrias, and non-alcoholic cocktails called “zero proof cocktails”. 

Aside from these two instagram-able stars of the show, they serve 7 appetizer options and 7 kinds of salads to complicate your choice. There’re no less than a dozen options to accompany your fries, including aiolis, bbq, and hot sauce, even including a vegan aioli. This burger joint is a must-try for burger lovers, for it’s abundance of variations and combinations to customize your burger experience to the max.

Their monthly specials include an always changing burger invention, a fresh salad, seasonal cocktail both alcoholic and non-alcholic, and desserts. Their desserts include 3 options including a flourless chocolate torte, a rotating mousse, and a monthly cheesecake. People may even show up just to try out the latest cheesecake offerings  that go beyond the ordinary  like mango and strawberry, caramel toffee, honey blueberry, and s’mores.  

Pro tip: Dine in after 9pm and enjoy $11 burgers with any drink purchase!
102-716 Goldstream Ave. (Langley)
180-911 Yates St. (downtown Victoria)
100-3271 Maple St. (Saanich)

Written by

Annika Olson

Intern at Tasting Victoria