Winner Spotlight: Crust Bakery

Winner Spotlight: Crust Bakery

If you’re like most of us and love the aroma of freshly baked bread, you probably will want to check out Victoria’s best bakeries, voted by you in our 2022 Best Restaurant Awards, presented by Portofino Bakery. Crust Bakery has been voted #1 in the best bakery category, sponsored by Level Ground Trading.

If the fresh morning bakery aroma hasn’t drawn you into Crust Bakery, you may remember that aroma when you walked past their windows packed with rows of fluffy croissants, colourful pastries, and beautifully decorated tartlets. Their 2 outlets are exclusive to Victoria, where they’ve been serving a thriving local clientele and tourists since 2013. 

The owners, Chef Tom and Crystal Moore, bring an Australian flare to classic pastries. Their shops also feature popular Aussie favourites like, pavlovas and lamingstons. Their fruit combinations stand out as exotic bakery experiences, everything from lychee, to rosewater, and sour cherry to passion fruit. The daily outpourings from their ovens are made from scratch with seasonal ingredients. Tom focuses not only on the quality of each item, but also on the stylish, yet simple presentation.  

From sweet to savoury, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Their sweet tartlets include flavours you may recognize from other desserts incorporated into a new pastry experience. A few examples include a blend of passionfruit curd topped with berries and meringue, raspberry and chocolate mousse, and the signature crème brûlée. On the savoury side, they serve freshly made sandwiches, quiches, and butter-puff pastries packed with different cheeses, meats, and vegetables. Their most popular sweet and savoury items include pork and fennel sausage rolls and their signature raspberry, lychee, and rosewater pastry!

They have earned a big following among bread lovers from serving slow-fermented sourdough ryes, and baguettes to flavour filled breads like rosemary and garlic focaccia or any of their weekly specials. From Monday to Sunday Crust Bakery has daily breads changing daily from choices of 1-2 specialty bakes including walnut and cranberry sourdough, pecan and browned butter whole-wheat bread, among others.

From crispy and chewy croissants made with real butter and a cafe selection to personalized cakes and new exotic flavours, which rotate seasonally, Crust Bakery brings Victoria a taste of the personalized pastry.
730 Fort St.
Hours: 8am to 4:30pm daily
3535 Uptown Blvd
Hours: 8:30am to 5pm daily

Written by

Annika Olson

Intern at Tasting Victoria