Head to these 10 vegan-friendly eateries in Victoria

Who says plant-based has to be boring?

Photo: MeeT on Blanshard / Facebook

Victoria is home to some extraordinary restaurants, and its vegan-friendly eateries are no exception. From tofu that looks like a fried egg to “chicken” made from oyster mushrooms, Victoria eateries are pushing the boundaries of what is expected of vegan cooking. We have compiled some of the best spots around town to grab brunch, dinner, or an afternoon treat that offer exciting plant-based options. No prior vegan experience required!  

Be Love

Be Love uses 95% plant-based ingredients in its seasonally changing menu. Using ingredients sourced from local businesses and farms, the restaurant is dairy, gluten, wheat, and processed sugar free. Highlights from its current fall menu include Moroccan lentils and an autumn burger with a mushroom patty, mustard aioli, and caramelized onions.  

Address: 1019 Blanshard St., Victoria 
Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11:30am-9pm; Friday and Saturday, 11:30am-9:30pm

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie is 100% plant-based, serving up delicious pizzas made with nut-based cheeses including cashew mozzarella. The restaurant currently has a selection of exciting featured pizzas like its Grandma Pie—made with mac and cheese sauce, San Marzano, and red onion—and its Holiday Pie, complete with herbed stuffing, cranberry sauce, and roasted potatoes. Virtuous Pie also makes dairy-free ice cream with flavours including pumpkin spice, raspberry cheesecake, and caramel macchiato.   

Address: 530 Pandora Ave., Victoria 
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11:30am-10pm


Rebar serves predominantly vegetarian dishes, but also caters to strict vegans. Menu highlights include a spicy peanut noodle bowl and a Monk’s Curry made with eggplant, sesame tofu, and red potatoes. Enjoy a homemade smoothie or juice alongside your meal like its Soul Surfer—with mango, orange, and pineapple. Rebar also has a kids menu that features potato wedges and an apple and banana smoothie.   

Address: 50 Bastion Square, Victoria
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 11:30am-8pm; Friday, 11:30am-9pm; Saturday, 10am-9pm; Sunday, 10am-8pm

MeeT on Blanshard

MeeT on Blanshard seeks to introduce more people to plant-based food in an easily accessible way. The restaurant’s brunch menu is complete with tofu egg patties, cashew hollandaise, and smokey Bacun. Dinner highlights include a dairy-free Mac n’ Cheez made with cashew cheese and a Crispy Chickun Burger that features crispy oyster mushrooms.       

Address: 797 Hillside Ave. #10, Victoria
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11am-10pm; Friday, 11am-11pm; Saturday, 10am-11pm; Sunday, 10am-10pm

Nourish Kitchen & Cafe

Nourish Kitchen & Cafe in James Bay focuses on vegetable forward casual food with many options for vegans and vegetarians. The restaurant’s brunch options like its golden benny and sourdough tartine can be served vegan with a tempeh substitution. Dinner highlights include roasted cauliflower made with cashew hollandaise as well as squash with green tahini and dukkah.   

Address: 225 Quebec St., Victoria
Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 9am-2pm; Thursday-Sunday, 9am-2pm, 5-9pm

Green Cuisine

Green Cuisine in Market Square offers a hot buffet of vegan and vegetarian dishes made with sustainable ingredients. The rotating buffet menu includes curries, salads, soups, and steamed vegetables. The restaurant also offers desserts and pastries like its sticky ginger cake made using rice flour and dates.    

Address: 560 Johnson St. #5 at Market Square's Courtyard, Victoria
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-7pm; Saturday and Sunday, 11am-7pm

Fern Cafe and Bakery

Fern Cafe and Bakery serves 100% vegan baked goods, coffee drinks, and comfort foods. Enjoy a vegan cinnamon bun or doughnut alongside the cafe’s seasonal white chocolate matcha or pumpkin spice latte. The cafe also offers brunch dishes like its Pancakes n’ Fried Chickun and its BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Poutine.  

Address: 1115 N Park St. #1, Victoria
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9am-5pm

The Hidden Gem

Tucked away in the heart of Cook Street Village, The Hidden Gem offers vegan sweet and savoury treats. Enjoy vegan breakfast wraps, pizza pockets, or pesto scrolls followed by a slice of red velvet cake. The Hidden Gem also makes dairy-free ice cream that is available in pints as well as in sandwich and milkshake form.  

Address: 337 Cook St. B, Victoria
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm; Friday-Sunday, 8am-4pm

Frickin’ Delights Donuts

Pick up a vegan doughnut—or a whole box of them—at Frickin' Delights Donuts on Yates Street. Its doughnuts are made using oat milk and are soy, egg, dairy, and nut free. Recent stand out flavours include winter nog, After Eight, Mayan fudge, and blueberry earl grey.   

Address: 632 Yates St., Victoria
Hours: Thursday-Monday, 8am-3pm

Cold Comfort Ice Cream

Cold Comfort Ice Cream offers vegan ice cream made with coconut milk and fair trade sugar. Its ice cream is available in pint and sandwich form, with classics like mint chocolate and burnt sugar as well as featured flavours like rum and eggnog.     

Address: 1115 N Park St. #2, Victoria
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday, noon-7pm; Friday and Saturday, noon-9pm