AfriCa Fest is coming to Victoria this weekend

Music, art, culture and a delicious lineup of food vendors to explore

Take note, islanders, the best time of year to dive into the culture and cuisine of Africa and the Caribbean is this weekend.

Starting on Friday, June 21, the annual AfriCa Fest is taking place in Victoria’s Centennial Square bringing together some of the most popular delicacies both regions have to offer.

“From the finest local artisans to the most delicious treats, we’ll have something for everyone,” wrote artistic director and producer of AfriCa Fest, Pulcherie Mboussi, in a social media post promoting the event.

“Whether you’re looking for unique gifts, handmade jewelry, or authentic African cuisine, you’ll find it all at AfriCa fest,” Mboussi wrote, “come and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, live music and the best of African and Caribbean culture.”

Vendors will be open from 6 to 9pm on Friday June 21, 11am to 9pm on Saturday June 22, and 11am to 8pm on Sunday, June 23. More than a dozen vendors and participants are coming together for this year’s event, according to the event page.

Visitors can stop by Nubian Delicacies to disappear into a sea of authentic dishes like their signature seafood-heavy West African egusi, hearty amala and gbegiri, or some Nigerian Abacha, to name a few of this local gem’s fares.

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