Here’s what you need to sip on this spring in Victoria

Beers, ciders, and wines made for the sunshine

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. / Facebook

As the streets become lined with fluffy pink blossoms that branch out from cherry and plum trees, it is clear that spring has sprung. 

Whether you are surrounded by laughter on a patio or relaxing in your back garden, what better addition is there to the recent sunshine than a cool and refreshing drink. 

From hazy beers and fruity sours to dry ciders and tangy white wines, these are the drinks we are most excited to enjoy this spring.  

Hoyne Brewing Co.

Hoyne Brewing Co.’s newly released Che Bello Italian pilsner has arrived just in time for spring. This crisp beer features Eraclea malts grown on the Adriatic coast and has notes of honey, sage, and lemon balm. Alternatively, try the brewery’s Entre Nous Belgian Witbier, a fruity seasonal beer made with German red wheat malt.

Address: 2740 Bridge St. #101, Victoria
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm

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