Victoria is now home to a brand new gyro spot

And many other delicious Greek goodies you'll want to try

Victoria has added yet another restaurant this weekend; the city’s reputation only continues to sharpen as one of the best destinations for culinary arts and vibrant food communities in the world.

Gyrosa is a brand new restaurant on the corner of Admiral and Craigflower Roads serving traditional Greek street food with a modern twist. Opened by partners Adrian Bears, Troy Nye and Nico Tiginagas, it’s said to be the next go-to stop for fresh Greek food in Victoria.

Guests are already flooding in since the restaurant’s grand opening party last Friday, in which the owners offered the chance to win a special food prize to the first 50 people that entered through their doors.

“It’s been insane. The community has been so welcoming,” said founding partner Adrian Bears.

Prizes aside, the quality of the food really speaks for itself.

Delicacies like gyros with thinly sliced meats, shrimp skewers and punchy salads (not to mention fries, of course, which stand perfectly on their own or wrapped inside of a pita) are made by chefs who have long been dedicated to perfecting their craft.

“We’re foodies!” said Bears with a laugh.

The restaurant has so far been described as fun, loud, energetic and the perfect place to grab a fresh and healthy meal. For the staff, the importance of standing behind one’s own product comes first; passion must be first and foremost in any food’s presentation.

“We love food and we could never find it the way that we like it. We all like to eat healthy. We all like fresh protein and fresh-cut veggies and we want to serve that for people.”

As Bears puts it, you have to want to eat your own sandwich.

“If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, it ain’t gonna work.”

Gyrosa is open every Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 8pm and every Sunday from 11am to 5pm. You can find more information and get caught up on the latest menu updates on their Instagram page.

Address: 1517 Admirals Rd. #102, Victoria, BC