A new waterfront brewery is opening in Victoria this May

SWIFT Brewing is bringing beer into the retro realm in the same building as CRAFT Beer Market.

There’s no shortage of retro camper vans in Victoria.

But there’s one particular tan Chevy with a retro rainbow design on its passenger door and a ‘Good Times in A Can’ decal that’s been riding around town, and its signaling a good thing for craft beer lovers: a new brewery.

SWIFT Brewing is the passion project of CRAFT Beer Market co-founders, PJ L’Heureux and Scott Frank, and will reside in the same building at 450 Swift St.

“It’s pretty simple, we love good beer, and we figured it was time to start making our own,” said L’Heureux in a press release.

Photo: SWIFT Brewing

CRAFT Beer Market launched in Calgary in 2011, and has locations all across Western Canada. In October 2021, it took over from Canoe Brewpub. Since then, the CRAFT team has done extensive renovations to the inside and outside of the building, including a totally revamped patio.

For 19 years, Canoe brewed its own beer, so the fact CRAFT is taking advantage of the building’s capacity for a brewery should come as no surprise to fans of the old Canoe.

SWIFT Brewing, according to brand manager Jade Prosser, will be a separate business from CRAFT, with its own entrance and its own 70s and 80s thrifted aesthetic.

“It’s a passion project for the owners,” Prosser told Tasting Victoria. “The owners did a lot of thrifting, and sourced a lot of vintage pieces to make the space look like your … aunt’s ‘70s kitchen and your Grandpa’s basement bar.”

CRAFT Beer Market intends to serve SWIFT brews alongside its endless rotating taps. CRAFT’S food menu will be available to brewery patrons too.

Prosser says SWIFT intends to brew a variety of beers, including frequent collaborations with local breweries. Its first beers will be a lager and citrus hazy pale ale.

“Our passion for good beer and good times is what drives us, and we can’t wait to share that with the community.” said co-founder, Scott Frank.

SWIFT Brewing intends to open at the end of May; until then, follow them on Instagram here.