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Pinhalla Pinball Pizzeria is Victoria's hottest new entertainment spot

Who knew pizza and pinball would be so great together?

Is there anything out there better than a slice of good pizza?

As it turns out, there is! (And it’s not in the form of extra cheese or a super crispy crust.)

Pinhalla Pinball Pizzeria has opened its doors in the heart of Victoria’s Chinatown this week, offering a one-of-a-kind pizza experience complete with long lines of themed pinball machines, neon lights and a generous selection of pizza flavours and fried party snacks.

Brought to you by Quazar’s Arcade and Victoria Island Arcade Amusements Inc., Pinhalla aims to offer a unique entertainment experience in Victoria as one of the country’s largest pinball arcades. Suitable for all ages and pinball skill levels, the space doubles as a unique date spot and fun space for a family outing.

“The vibes are here, and we’re so excited to spread the word,” Pinhalla recently wrote in an Instagram post.

The selection of pinball games is endless—patrons can find anything from Star Trek the Next Generation and Lord of the Rings pinball machines to classic games such as Pac Man, Mario Bros. and Robotron 2084—just to name a few.

The food menu is simple, though most delicious things are—pizzas are square shaped and gas broiled for an ultra crispy crust that promises “double the crunch in every corner” and they come in a wide range of flavours from a basic margherita to a Greek-style pie with olives and feta. They’re great for sharing though there are plenty of options for individual slices as well.

This week, Pinhalla also announced the relaunch of its weekly Wednesday league nights in partnership with the Victoria Pinball League beginning on Wednesday, March 13. “Picture it as our beloved Quazar’s League nights, but supercharged—and pizza!,” said a recent Instagram post.

Registration for the event starts at 6:45pm, followed by gameplay starting at 7pm. Everyone is invited, with entry level just $2 plus the cost of the games themselves.

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