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A popular cafe in Victoria Public Market has closed its doors

Shatterbox was known for their European-style coffee and brunch menu

Another restaurant bites the dust this month in Victoria.

Operating in Victoria’s Public Market for several years, Shatterbox—a cafe specializing in unique, European-stye coffee and a warm, neighbourly atmosphere—has permanently closed its doors this week.

The longstanding coffee shop was most praised for the quality of their coffees. While most other coffee shops focus on single-origin coffee beans, Shatterbox defined itself by their unique coffee blends which, rather than characterizing a cup of coffee by the location the beans come from, demonstrated the way different coffees can accompany—and accentuate—each other.

Along with their standout drinks, Shatterbox also offered a variety of delicious breakfast and lunch items along with a distinct European coffeehouse atmosphere that aimed to build relationships and bring people together with every purchase. As a returning customer, it’s likely your order (and name!) have been remembered by their owners.

The coffee shop was notably run by two people deeply passionate about what constitutes a good cup—Brandon and Linda—who took over the location in 2017. Both are driven by their commitment to quality and sustainability, focusing on every aspect that makes the perfect cup (right down to the water and where it came from).

No details have been released yet about the closure aside from a message on the coffee shop’s Instagram page noting the cafe has closed permanently as of April 8. However, you may still spot both Brandon and Linda at the Victoria Public Market at their more recent lunch spot, The Big Spoon Soup Company. 

Opening during the pandemic, the duo’s second spot displays a classic comfort food menu with items like breakfast bagels, vegan soups and nourishing bowls that are well worth a trip to the market. Weekend lunch date, anyone?