The ultimate guide to Victoria’s food trucks

Get in the know about food on the go

Photo: Green n’ Go

As summer rounds the corner and community festivities kick off across Greater Victoria, the sight of food trucks making their way through the city becomes a more common encounter. Often eye-catching and boasting delicious on-the-go treats, these eateries are an enticing stopping place.  

We have compiled a comprehensive roundup of the food trucks that you can expect to see at festivals, community events, and street parties across the city this summer and where to seek them out on any average day of the week. From seafood and poutine to tacos and bannock, Victoria’s mobile eateries cover a lot of ground when it comes to both variety and range.  

Taco Justice

A brightly coloured truck, hard to miss when cruising down Cook near the corner of Pandora, Taco Justice brings its vibrant exterior to its playful fusion taco fare. Its menu offers a variety of non-traditional fillings that can be made into tacos, burritos, or burrito bowls like Mr. Fuji’s Intercontinental Chicken—masala marinated chicken made with a fuji apple slaw—and Belly 2 Belly, slow cooked pork belly with pickled Thai chillies. The food truck offers gluten-friendly and dairy-free options.   

Address: 1580 Cook St., Victoria 
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, noon-8:30pm; Friday and Saturday, noon-9pm; Sunday, noon-8pm

Greek n’ Go

The next door neighbour to Taco Justice, with another location in Keating Cross, Greek n' Go cooks up delicious Greek street food. The family-owned food truck whips up both pita wraps and combo plates as well as offering traditional Greek staples like spanakopita and dolmades alongside Canadian classics like poutine. It also has baklava and bougatsa available for dessert. Greek n’ Go has vegan and gluten-free options available.  

Address: 1580 Cook St.; 2046 Keating Cross Rd. 
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11am-9pm; Friday, 11am-11pm; Saturday, noon-11pm; Sunday, noon-8pm; Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm; Sunday, noon-7pm

Churros and Mor

Located in Cook Street Village, Churros and Mor makes entirely gluten-free and plant-based churros. The churros are offered in both their traditional long form as well as in bite-sized pieces that are served with either a chocolate, caramel, or strawberry dipping sauce. The sweet treat is also available with toppings, like with vegan ice cream or marshmallows and graham cookies.  

Address: 325 Cook St., Victoria
Hours: Monday and Thursday, noon-7pm; Friday-Sunday, 10am-8pm

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