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Victoria's getting a new farm-to-table restaurant made entirely from scratch

And it's being run by an award-winning Australian chef

The restaurant will take over the space at 732 Yates St.

Tombo, a farm-to-table, made-from-scratch restaurant focused on all things local, is set to open in Victoria this January 2024. 

Led by Australian chef Tom Moore, guests can expect a menu guided by seasonal, Victoria-based ingredients in which every meal is made entirely from scratch—right down to the house-cured salami.

Moore says the food is going to be locally-driven and seasonal.

“Since we have such a big kitchen, we’re gonna really utilize that and make everything from scratch. We can tell you exactly what’s in it and who made it,” Moore told Oak Bay News.

The restaurant will have several different stations to deliver on their made-from-scratch promise, such as a bakery to craft daily sandwich breads and a space dedicated entirely to charcuterie items led by highly-esteemed chef Paul van Trigt who, according to Moore, is one of the best charcuterie guys in BC.

The restaurant will also feature a quick, grab-and-go option for lunch, making it accessible for those who are pressed for time during work hours. Think simple but delicious meals like pizzas, sandwiches, and hearty soups and salads.

Running restaurants in Australia for more than 20 years, Moore has developed a reputation for farm-to-table food. After moving to Canada and starting a family, he started Victoria’s popular Crust Bakery to maintain more regular hours.

Now though, he’s ready to tackle the dining scene once again.

While the opening of Tombo is still underway—Moore and his team have run in to a few roadblocks that have delayed getting necessary permits. Tombo will be opening a pop-up shop mid-November on Government Street at the end of Trounce Alley that will allow people to sample just a few items the finished restaurant will offer.

Tombo will occupy the space at 732 Yates St. You can find more updates about the restaurant on the website.