Top 10 soups in Victoria

'Tis the season of broth aka liquid gold

It’s raining, it’s cold, and the sun—once out each day well past 7pm, shining brightly down upon us on crowded patios—is nowhere to be found.

A dire situation? Perhaps it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that soup season is officially upon us! From clear broths with noodles to bisques and creamy chowders, we can’t tell you how thrilled we are about the changing of the seasons. Folks, it could just be the best part about fall and winter (aka the rainy, miserable eight months that make up the majority of the year).

Grab your spoons and join us in exploring some of the best soups you can find across Victoria. We promise that they, unlike the weather, won’t disappoint.

Located in St. Andrew's Square, Soupa Cafe is a warm, personable counter selling incredible soups that take inspiration from all around the globe. Flavours range from African peanut to cabbage roll, with a rotating flavour that changes every day of the week.

Address: 736 View St., Victoria

If cloudy days and cold showers have already gotten to you, it’s likely a big bowl of pho is the perfect antidote. And we’re talking BIG, like all the bowls at Pho Vy, which exclusively come in that size. From a classic steak and brisket to full veggie, the pho here is soul restoring.

Address: 772 Fort St., Victoria

This Indian French fusion restaurant is well known for sourcing local, sustainable seafood. What does that mean? It means that the chowder here is likely one of Victoria’s finest—thyme-chili roasted potato, coconut milk, smoked fish broth, wild fish confit and smoked salmon belly bacon will make your heart sing.

Address: 805 Fort St., Victoria

A quaint breakfast and lunch spot right by the Harbour, Sandwich Corner Cafe makes for a lovely stop before strolling the waterfront. Among a hefty list of sandwiches and salads, they offer three rotating soups each day alongside a hearty New England seafood chowder.

Address: 610 Courtney St., Victoria

Spicy, sweet, savoury, sour—the soups at Ox King Noodles are loaded with delicious and intense flavours. All soups here are served with fresh noodles and prepared using traditional Chinese cooking techniques—some striking options include sour and spicy beef brisket soup and sauerkraut fish soup.

Address: 1029 View St. #104, Victoria

Serving all-day breakfast and lunch, Urban Cup Cafe is a small and cozy spot with endless options for bennys, sandwiches, salads and a rotating selection of daily soups to pair perfectly with lunch. The thick and luscious chicken corn chowder is sure to win your heart.

Address: 3690 Shelbourne St., Victoria

What? A fish and chips joint? That’s right! Though Barb’s undoubtedly makes some of the best fried fish in Victoria, they also offer some of the city’s finest seafood chowder. Thick, creamy and laced with bacon bits, it’s reason enough to stop by.

Address: 1 Dallas Rd., Victoria

Drawing inspiration from Thai, Malaysian, Singaporian and Chinese dishes, Tropical Island Restaurant offers an abundance of soups and silky curries that are packed with delicious flavours. We’d highly recommend their Taiwanese beef noodle soup (if you like it spicy) and Thai curry seafood.

Address: 3690 Shelbourne St. #1, Victoria

There is nothing in the world that can beat a good bowl of soup…perhaps, except, a massive bowl of soup sitting at a rolling bowl in the middle of a large table, shared among a group of friends. Laila Laila offers just that—choose your base, your toppings and dive right in.

Address: 1540 Cedar Hill Cross Rd., Victoria

Offering a classic fine dining experience, Victoria Harbour House is the place to visit for classic dishes like oysters rockefeller, filet mignon and seafood linguine. Their soups, particularly the rich and decadent lobster bisque, are to die for.

Address: 607 Oswego St., Victoria