Victoria cafes serving the perfect matcha latte

Where to find the bright green drink

Photo: Moka House / Facebook

Bright green with an earthy flavour, for those new to matcha the drink can appear slightly daunting. First appearing in China during the Tang dynasty, the finely ground tea made its way to Japan during the 12th century, where it was popularized and became a fixture of Japanese tea ceremonies. 

Full-bodied in flavour, matcha is a hearty and delicious tea whose popularity worldwide has been steadily increasing. Matcha lattes are an accessible introduction to the tea, and Victoria is home to several cafes that have been perfecting the drink.  

Here are some of our favourite matcha lattes that are being made across the city.

Union Pacific Coffee Co. 

Union Pacific Coffee Co.’s matcha latte is the perfect rich green colour that tells you it will have just the right amount of earthiness. This matcha latte is comforting to the soul, with a creaminess that is sure to warm you up as the weather remains cool. It is beautiful too. Union Pacific Coffee Co.’s baristas have their latte art game perfected. Enjoy your matcha latte with a baked good or sandwich on the cafe’s covered back patio, a cozy and lush spot where your dog can hang out as well. 

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