Here’s what you need to sip on this summer in Victoria

No drops were spilled, nor sunshine lost, in the making of this article

📸: Ryan Hook / Tasting Victoria

We’re in the thick of a hot and sunny summer in Victoria and it’s making it harder to stay inside, and easier to head to the beach, lake, or pool. All this sunshine requires the savouring of a cool, refreshing drink. Whether it’s a summer beer enjoyed at a backyard barbecue, fruity spirits that complete a crafty cocktail on a patio, or a non-alcoholic beverage to sip on at the beach, we compiled this list for you, so you can enjoy every essence of summer.

Ile Sauvage Brewing

Ile Sauvage has an awesome selection of summer sours and beers. Its rich, violet coloured Papillion Saison, made with lavender and butterfly pea flowers, is beautiful and delicious. Its vast selection of sours are perfect for a drink on a patio and include a Yuzu gose made with coriander and sea salt, a mango Mosaique sour, and an apricot sour made with BC apricots.

Address: 2960 Bridge St., Victoria
Hours: Monday-Thursday, noon-8pm; Friday and Saturday, noon-10pm; Sunday, noon-7pm
Instagram: @ilesauvagebrewing

Swift Brewing

Swift Brewing is serving up some delicious fruity beers in a lamp lit room with a touch of ‘70s funk complete with lava lamps and VCRs. Located next to CRAFT Beer Market, the cozy tasting room offers great summer drinks like the raspberry wheat ale Raspberry Beret, passionfruit sour Party Pants, and dry-hopped lager Crockett & Stubbs.

Address: 450 Swift St., Victoria 
Hours: Tuesday, noon-10pm; Wednesday-Sunday, noon-midnight
Instagram: @swiftbeer

Rootside Bitters & Mixers

Rootside Bitters & Mixers, created by Esquimalt Vermouth & Aperitifs, makes cocktail bitters and soda mixers that can be enjoyed in either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks by adding to cocktails or sparkling water. Its summery offerings include a Ginger Beer Mix, a Cardamom & Citrus Tonic Water Mix, and a Root Beer Mix. Best enjoyed on a deck with friends.

Address: 859 Devonshire Rd. #3, Esquimalt
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm
Instagram: @rootsidebitters

Esquimalt Vermouth & Apéritifs

Speaking of Esquimalt Vermouth & Aperitifs, this craft producer has been making some special aperitifs this summer, as per usual, like the lemon and honey Vino Miele Limoncello and elderflower Kina-Blanc. Pair its Bianco Sweet Vermouth—made of lemon peel, vanilla, and garden herbs—with Rootside’s Orange Bitters and sparkling water and you’ll get the perfect summer cocktail. Find solace in knowing you’re getting it from an award-winning vermouth producer.

Address: 859 Devonshire Rd. #3, Esquimalt
Hours: Tuesday- Friday, 10am-5pm
Instagram: @esquimaltwine

Whistle Buoy Brewing Company

Whistle Buoy Brewing Company’s patio in Market Square is a great spot to enjoy a summer beer and take in the summer ambiance (sometimes it even hosts live music). The brewery is currently serving some refreshing beers like its Triple Mango Sour and an aqua-coloured Undersea Blue Gose made with coriander, lemon peel, and bull kelp.

Address: Market Square, Lower Courtyard, #63, 560 Johnson St., Victoria
Hours: Sunday-Wednesday, noon-10pm; Thursday, noon-11pm; Friday and Saturday, noon-midnight
Instagram: @whistlebuoybrewing

Sea Cider Farm + Ciderhouse

Saanichton-based cidery Sea Cider Farm + Ciderhouse creates exquisite award-winning ciders. It offers a vast selection of bottles to choose from, with exciting options like the Cherry Lane cider made with both sweet and sour cherries, its Temperance Ava made with apricots and elderflowers, and its Bramble Bubbly made with Island blackberries. The cidery is also serving cider slushies, available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, during the summer at its tasting room.

Address: 2487 Mt St Michael Rd., Saanichton 
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am-6pm
Instagram: @seaciderhouse

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. creates both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options that are great for summer. The brewery has some exciting summer releases like its Parrot Eyes Lime Margarita Gose and its new Guava Passionfruit Dinosour. Dinosour slushies are also available at its tasting room. Its extensive lineup of non-alcoholic Iota beers, like its new Blackberry Lemon Ale, are perfect to enjoy on the beach and its craft soda works are a great alternative for those who are not beer fans.

Address: 2010 Government St., Victoria 
Hours: Sunday-Thursday, noon-7pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am-7pm
Instagram: @phillipsbeer

Sheringham Distillery

Sheringham Distillery in Langford distills quality spirits that evoke the rugged pebble-coast laden West Coast. Its award winning gins include Beacon Gin, made with cherry blossoms and yuzu. Its Rhubarb Gin Liquor is particularly great paired with a refreshing soda or with Rootside’s Lemon Tonic Bitters. Sheringham Distillery is also behind Lumette! a non-alcoholic distillery that creates zero-proof gins and rums that are excellent for summer mocktails.

Address: 4382 West Shore Pkwy. #103, Langford 
Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am-5pm
Instagram: @sheringhamdistillery