Tombo is finally open in Victoria

Here's what to expect from the new farm-to-table restaurant

Announcing their up and coming opening in Victoria back in October 2023, Tombo—a farm-to-table, from-scratch restaurant led by an award winning Australian chef—has finally opened its doors in downtown Victoria.

Split into two separate parts, the new space will comprise of Tombo To Go, an open concept cafe similar to the restaurant’s recent pop-up shop prior to opening, and a larger dine-in space where the team will kick into full gear with lunch and dinner service.

And if the pop-up can be any indication of what the new space will offer, guests can expect a luscious selection of baked goods like croissant cubes and creative pizzas for Tombo To Go, while the main restaurant will be a creative display of dishes made entirely from scratch right down to bread and salami.

“Even the kimchi powder we toss the fires in, we made. And it’s the best damn kimchi I’ve ever tasted,” executive chef Tom Moore told Victoria Buzz. “Then we dehydrate it over three days and ground it, no big deal.”

Moore himself is an experienced chef from Australia who ran restaurants in the country for more than 20 years, developing a strong reputation for producing farm-to-table food. After moving to Canada, he soon became one of the co-founders of Victoria’s iconic Crust Bakery—an artisanal bakery serving a variety of breads and confectionary items.

Constantly searching for a new way to amaze Victorians, Tombo is expecting to do just that with a promise to “underpromise and over-deliver” with the quality of their from-scratch creations.

Think smash burgers with high quality beef, potato buns, aged cheddar and a luscious house-made sauce and laminated pastries that elevate classics like a ham and cheese croissant by using ingredients such as house-made ham, cheddar and aged brie.

Though the menu is meant to be show stopping, Moore also says that he doesn’t want his food or space to present itself as snooty or ultra-exclusive. In fact, from the very inception of the restaurant’s concept, he knew he wanted it to be affordable and accessible, all while surpassing expectations in the process.

With the doors open as of last week, we can’t wait to see what’s cooking inside.