13 Local Businesses that are Adapting to Coronavirus

13 Local Businesses that are Adapting to Coronavirus

Due to the current pandemic, many local businesses have had to close or reinvent themselves. Small businesses have moved quickly to make changes to survive and keep services relevant during this period of uncertainty.

On top of restaurants offering free delivery, discounts, weekly or monthly subscription-style deals and other incentives to stay ahead, we are impressed by how businesses in Victoria are adapting to the situation! They are doing their best to encourage everyone to #stayhome and making our lives easier during quarantine.

Victoria’s small businesses are staying connected to customers in different ways, including expanding to entirely new products and services, changing the way they deliver their products, replacing in-person classes with video classes and more!

We can’t name them all, but here are our favourite iniciatives from local businesses:


Little Jumbo is known for one of the best places to get Cocktails in Victoria. Other than offering their food menu for take-out, they developed “Fool Proof Cocktails”, a new way to take your cocktails home!

And they are sharing Instagram TV Videos to show us how to make them!

Check out their menu here
And submit your order through the form or call 778.433.5535



They started by adding a donation button to their Doordash menu, where customers can donate either a meal or a family dinner to help other service industry workers in Victoria affected by the situation.

This week they launched their “Ferri’s at Home” program, which includes meal kits to cook at home, supply boxes, groceries, fresh produce and much more! Available for contactless delivery or curbside pick up.

Check out their online grocery store here. Their website is very easy to use! We loved that. And their prices are affordable.

For service industry workers wanting to sign up to their donation program, please email freestaffmeal@gmail.com , introduce yourself and they will help when they can.



The only local delivery company is offering free delivery on orders over $20, encouraging people to stay at home and keep supporting local restaurants which are open for delivery. They are also doing special offers for local restaurants who want to sign up in their platform.

Tutti is also offering grocery pick up as a personal shopper service. Just choose the “service” option in the Tutti app and provide your order details

If you are a local restaurant and are interested in signing up to Tutti Delivery, please contact us.



Besides offering pick-up, delivery, and a special menu for those affected in the service industry, Jones Bar B Que recently announced that they are participating in the Boxes of Hope program with The Coalition to End Homelessnes.

This program is designed to both feed the people in need and put Victoria cooks back to work again. They are dropping $10 scratch cooked meals all over Victoria along with House of Boateng, Dobosala Cantina and Burger Crush.

Donate here



They launched a free meal service program to help the most vulnerable community members in these uncertain times.

They are also serving take-home prepared meals for you and your family. They are offering pasta, sunflower arugula pesto, classic red sauce, bone broth, soups, brownies, cookies and Isolation cakes! Yes, a 4″ three layer Birthday Cake (Chocolate Cake with fudge and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream) decorated in a Classic Birthday Style, Perfect for celebrating your special occasion at home.



Stepping up their game in every single aspect.

Offering discounts, happy hour to enjoy at home, extra discounts to health care workers and first responders.

And now, they launched “Earl’s Grocery” – a market of items that include everything from your daily home essentials to fresh ingredients to fully prepared meals.

Look at their new Grocery program here



“From our Kitchen to yours” – they’ve put together a fresh and healthy home meal delivery menu at a reduced price to help support our community, who are either in isolation or are practicing social distancing. Order freshly-made and freezer-friendly meals delivered directly to your doorstep with ready-to-heat instructions.

Look at their menu here



Local entrepreneur Markus Spodzieja expanded his Pretzel menu to a selection of essentials, such as: Classic Loaf (White or Whole Wheat), Braided Challah Loaf, Fresh Pasta, Baguettes and Pretzel Kaiser Buns!

You can order online, with free delivery, straight to your door!

Order from The Bikery here



Taryn Haywood is an award-winning baker in Victoria, specialized in wedding cakes. For these self-isolation times, she is offering Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits, which can be pre-ordered for non-contact delivery! A brilliant idea to do at home by yourself or with your kids.

Please email cakebytaryn@gmail.com to order your Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit!



They are launching soon The London Chef at Home, a bespoke virtual cooking class experience in your own kitchen. YAY!!!

They will source the best ingredients from local suppliers, farmers and producers, and deliver them directly to your door! You will cook along with Chef Dan from the comfort of your own home.



Local entrepreneur Chelsey Columbus developed a new product, thinking outside the box: Frozen ready-to-bake scones, accompanied by portions of their yummy glazes! Now you can stock your freezer with your favourite flavours and just pop them in the oven whenever a craving strikes.

She is offering pick-up and delivery options on specific dates.



The local hotel launched a new initiative to support our local community: The Home Delivery Program. This program allows customers to select meal kits, fresh produce items, sauces and soups made by their amazing culinary team, dry goods, beverages and much more, online or by phone, and have them delivered to your home the next day.

They are offering free, contactless delivery with orders of $50 or more to the areas of Oak Bay, Uplands, Oaklands, Fernwood, James Bay, Downtown Victoria, Fairfield and Rockland.

We loved that their website is very easy to use and their prices are afforable. Congrats on this great iniciative!



The coronavirus situation has created a hand sanitizer shortage, and local liquor distillery Victoria Distillers have stepped up to create their own hand sanitizers, in collaboration with Nezza Naturals.

Using the leftover alcohol from the distillation process, sweet orange essential oils, and vegetable glycerin. They offer this complimentary service with priority given to essential services staff.

Their sanitizer is also available for purshase at Nezza Naturals and all of the Red Barn Markets locations.


Staying calm in a time of crisis is not an easy task, but it can get better if we support each other and stay together (but keeping distance).

Choose Collaboration over Competition

It is amazing to see how our community has come together to support each other during these stressful times. We are lucky, proud and grateful for this city and its community!

Thank you for reading along,
Take care and stay safe!

For complete a list of restaurants open for delivery in Victoria, CLICK HERE.

If you are Victoria food business that has found a way to adapt to the current situation and would like to be added to our website, please send us an email .

Written by

Amelia Acedo

Editor at Tasting Victoria